Devotional | Interactive | Journal(s)

for young women


Wanna be wrecked by God?  Step into a world of RADICAL GOD TALK and new 2018 GOD TALK–RADICAL SIDE OF LOVE

RADICAL GOD TALK, our first devotional is great tool to help young women discover who they are in Jesus Christ.  In fact, we hope the young women of your church, cell group or small group will be inspired to take it on as your next book or you’ll be inspired to start a small group of young women ready to experience God in a new, fun and intimate way.

GOD TALK–RADICAL SIDE OF LOVE, This is the latest edition to Radical God. I’m excited for you to grab a coffee and go to your favorite place and meet up with your Heavenly Father.  This journal is going to take you into a place of Intimacy you have been asking, wanting and contending for.  God so wants us to know how much He loves us.  How much He wants to spend time with us, and to just Be in His presence.  I don’t know about you, but I want ALL God has for me, and this “New” God Talk –The Radical Side of Love will be the beginning of a new path.  Enjoy


What makes these devotionals different?  They’re designed as a Devotional | Interactive | Journals.  So each entry includes God’s message to the reader, an interaction or activity and plenty of room to journal.  Readers are encouraged to talk to God and listen to God.  It’s a dialogue, a two-way street.  And God will respond by speaking to their hearts about who they are to Him, who He sees them to be and how they can live full of Him.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT–start a small group / study / rap session!  All you have to do is get a group of young women together, and either of our devotionals will do the rest!

  • Read the devotionals together and do the interactions as a group!
  • Read the devotionals individually and come together for discussion and interaction!
  • Read!  Interact!  Discuss!  And talk to God together!


… Let Jesus wreck your life and show Himself in a radical new way.

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