Monica Withers

Monica Withers

This is a testimony to God, and to Him be the glory!

This book is truly a MIRACLE from heaven. The truth is, I learned at a very young age I wasn’t very smart, and things that were always easy for other people to understand were difficult for me. I could barely spell my name or put two sentences together. Even reading the Bible was really hard. So with that said, I’m the last person on earth to go to Bible College and then…WRITE A BOOK. Are you kidding me?

I took English three times in high school, and I’m not sure if I actually passed the last time. Honestly, I either cheated my way through school or paid someone to do it for me. Yeah. Really. People always said, “But Monica has a lot of common sense.” Ok, well that might not be a true statement since almost every decision I ever made was wrong and full of sin. Since my grades were never above a C, I wasn’t able to do things I really wanted to do like be a cheerleader or be on the dance team. So like any kid, I did what I was good at. I drank. I partied, and I lived with internal pain and low self-worth all my way through school.

Life got darker and darker in my 20’s and 30’s until I felt like I was in the pit of hell. Then things changed. At age 33, I gave my life to JESUS CHRIST, and God completely took hold of me and radically changed my life. At age 37, the Spirit of God dropped in my heart these words, “You have a gift inside!” What could that possibly mean? I never thought I had anything to offer anyone. Although I was a successful personal trainer and fitness instructor, I never felt I was good enough for anything else. Helping women with their bodies was good, but somewhere deep inside I wanted and needed more.

My purpose came years later when I heard the Holy Ghost say to me, “You’re going to write books!” I LAUGHED (kind of like Sarah). “Are you kidding me?” I said to the Lord. “I’m not smart enough to write books. Nevertheless, my journey began.

What I thought was the book or devotional I was to publish soon changed. God had a different thing in mind. Months later He said to me, “You’re going to write books for young women—women like you who search to know who they are and what I’ve called them to do.” Two weeks later, RADICAL GOD TALK was written. Two weeks after that, I finished writing the second book.

And now, I tell you this. If you think you’re too fat, too ugly, not educated, not rich enough to go anywhere or do anything in life, well, guess what? You’re in the right place with God. He doesn’t always use the fastest, the strongest or the smartest to get His work done. He uses those who say YES and really mean it. It might not be in the time you expect it, but He will use you and the gift HE has placed inside you.

So, with that said, RADICAL GOD TALK is not really a book at all. It’s an INTERACTIVE, RADICAL JOURNEY that God is going to take you on. It’s Him speaking to you in a way you might not have heard before. It’s Him speaking to your heart. So for those of you who want something a little different and want to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus, grab this book and start your journey. Grab one for your sister and your best friend—even that mean girl! Everyone needs to know God’s deep love and what we’re called to do for Him.

I pray you enjoy your journey to see who you really are in Him. Become the BOLD, FEARLESS, MIGHTY woman of God He has called you to be!

Blessings, Monica