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We will “get real” at this conference!  Want to get a feel of what we will deal with–what girls our facing today?  Take an exclusive look at our “Who You Are” Music Video  (click link) produced just for this special conference:

WHAT IS THIS… Who Am I—Girls Day Out Conference all about? 

It’s a Full day of Food, Fun, Friendship, Fashion, and Finding Purpose and Destiny in young girls lives.  It’s NOT going to be a conference as USUAL.  It’s going to be a day girls can talk-vent, and Get Real and ask tough questions and see and hear things in a way they never knew or understood before. 

They will hear women talk about the good the bad and the ugly.  

These girls will have their hearts filled with a love they never knew existed.  They will walk away being able to know and stand up for what’s right and know what’s wrong and then—They can make their own solid choices for real in the future.  Then they can say NO, I’m not going to walk this road any longer. Or they can say, it’s my life, I can do whatever I want… and at least they will have the truth, and the goods deep inside to know the truth.  

They will be encouraged, they will walk away full of God, full of  hope and a new passion lit inside.  I’m so confident of this, I believe these Girls will see themselves in a new light, a new way, and will be strengthened with a power they never knew they had!!  I want them to know who they are—Whose they are—and that circumstance doesn’t determine their future.   Abuse doesn’t determine their future.  Life’s problems don’t determine their future. They have the Spirit of All Mighty God inside to conquer, to overcome and to fight the bullies of this age. They will know they’re truly Loved and were made for a real purpose, and real future, and a real freedom.  

I pray you would help us reach these girls.  I pray you would look deep inside and ask God, how can I help?  Who can I invite to this conference?  

The event is Saturday, Oct 14, from 9am-5pm in Sand Springs.  Directions or pick-up locations will be provided.  $25 per girl includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and a gourmet coffee truck, Swag-Bags with great items like jewelry devotional and much more!   

We’re having a Fashion Show, Entertainment, Drama, Dancers and more!  

It will be an exciting, and life changing day!  (Parents:  want to know more? Check our this 4m Video 4 P’s)


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