13 July 2016

“Miss Monica, I recently read a book that stated a ministry can’t be measured by how many books they sell or booths they line up or how much revenue they make. But God told her the ministry is measured by peoples lives changed.
You have change my life and I know you have change others lives as well. I am amazed and in awe of how full of life you are every time we talk, yet you are so real and down-to-earth.
Thank you for saying “yes” to God when you’re scared. He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Your Creator cannot forget you or what He gave you. He loves you.”

Kenzie — High School Student, Broken Arrow, OK


Cloud Girls


Anita Testemony July 2016

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27 August 2015

“I LOVE this book…Because it’s not exactly traditional–it’s not just another devo and not just aimed at teen girls–I’d have loved it as teen but it really is for women young at heart and wanting something different.  Just the first few pages are making me think and talk to God in a way I haven’t in a few months.”

Heather H. — College Grad, Broken Arrow, OK


8 September 2015

“I just did page 60 (Everyone is doing it).  LOVED burning up paper in the sink!  Believing for HOLY SPIRIT TO BURN UP THOSE DESIRES!!”

Tricia C.— Mother of three, Kuna, ID


9 September 2015

Book Review by Becca 🙂

Hi Monica!  I just read your book! Everything is beautifully worded, designed & geared to the age group you are desiring to reach! Wow! Wish I had this book at that age! 🙂

It is well written for the individual on their own as well as a small group setting. This said, I was wondering if you have considered writing a “leader’s manual” (note: this was confirmation and it’s in the works–available in Sept), for someone(s) whose heart it is to help guide/instruct that particular age group? It could be for __ weeks, giving ideas, suggestions, guidelines, etc. to follow that could spur them on as they are led by the Holy Spirit for their specific group. It could promote accountability & enthusiasm as they do some assignments while they are together, & others by themselves with God.  Having a “manual” could be less “intimidating”, especially for young leaders, to have some assistance as to ideas.  I see ladies in their upper 20’s to 30’s energetically leading this.

This is my suggestion & probably something you have already considered.  However, I couldn’t help but visualizing this as I was reading through.

Great book for such a critical age group! I agree with you for open doors & open hearts as the Holy Spirit prepares the way!

Rebecca— Tulsa, OK


Heather D

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21 October 2015

“This book has helped me create a more intimate relationship with God.  It has kept me diligent to get into the Word every day.  I love the cool set up, and how it’s interactive.  I’ve done lots of other devotions before but I love this one!”

Stephanie — 16, Tulsa, OK


26 October 2015

“This has made learning about God so much fun. It has showed me you can find God’s love in so many ways.”

Raven — 14, Tulsa, OK